Noční pták - Quiet please: Yoga and introverts

Quiet please: Yoga and introverts

Do you hate talking on the phone? Are you uncomfortable in crowds? Do you flee from parties at the first opportunity? Do you enjoy being alone with your own thoughts? Than you are an introvert and you should consider living yoga.

I am an introvert forced to live in a society which prefers extroversion. Same as many people similar to me I occasionally suffer. While extroverted folks gain energy from talking to other people, introverts lose it. Small talk is exhausting us. We have few friends, because when we find some comrade, we simply don’t feel the need to look for another. One person is enough for us. We like to spend time alone. We dwell most of our lifetime inside of our heads. This is the natural reason, why we are drawn to yoga.

Yoga is a discipline of the mind. Mind of an introvert is already disciplined, because we use it much – maybe too much. Introverts are introspective. We like to observe our mental states. In one of the ancient yogic texts is a simple message: you are that. Introverts can understand this message. It is fits to their nature.

Of course, we have some tendencies that are not yogic. Mind of an introverted person usually likes to wander. It seldom dwells in the present moment. I myself often think about books during yoga classes. Sometimes it is a book I am currently reading. Sometimes it is a book which I have read long time ago.

When I am standing on my head, I stray through the enigmatic library with William of Baskerville, flying with Margarita over the dark Moscow, or sailing with the Swallows and Amazons in the in Northern England. True yogi would not do it. But it is something on which I can work. Otherwise the mind of an introvert is prepared for yoga practice from birth.

There are also more practical reasons why introverts should visit yoga classes. Introverts sometimes need company, although they don’t want to talk to anybody or participate in the society in any way. The yoga class is ideal place for this. You just go there and spend time with people, who share common interest with you. But you don’t have to talk to them! To be silent is very yogic. When you were silent in during the break in school, you were weird. But when you are silent in yoga class, you are cool.

Introverts spend lot of time at home with their books and computers. Even on a beautiful sunny day. And yes, we often do not change from our pyjamas, if we don’t have to. Asanas can be practiced pyjamas easily.

Yoga calms the mind. Mind of an introvert needs to be calmed. Introverts don’t need excitement from the outer world. They have enough of it in their own heads. This is sometimes confusing for extroverted people, even in the yoga class. When they meet an introvert, who is submerged in his thoughts, they have tendency to ask him or her “Are you OK?” The answer is almost always: “Yes, I am.”

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  1. -rjh- napsal(a):

    Psáno v Indii jako domácí úkol.

    Posláno 15 Pro 2016 v 18.47
  2. Honza napsal(a):

    No jo, small talk… Vždycky si vzpomenu na ty teorie Forda Prefecta. :)

    Posláno 21 Pro 2016 v 17.51
  3. -rjh- napsal(a):

    [2] Ha! Dostal jsem chuť si to zase přečíst.

    Posláno 21 Pro 2016 v 19.23
  4. Mravenec napsal(a):

    Diky za clanek. Jakozto introvert moc dobre rozumim. a yogu cvicim taky.

    Posláno 25 Pro 2016 v 14.27
  5. -rjh- napsal(a):

    [4] Není zač. Dlouho jsem o tobě neslyšel. Máš ještě nějaký blog?

    Posláno 25 Pro 2016 v 18.54
  6. mravenec napsal(a):

    mravenec uz nebloguje, ale google mi jeste blog nezrusil. Mozna bych tam mohl zase neco napsat. Ale jsem rad, ze ty porad jeste pises. Nevzdavej to, tvoje prispevky ctu rad!

    Posláno 07 Úno 2017 v 22.24
  7. -rjh- napsal(a):

    [6] Dík. Snažím se sem věšet aspoň jeden text za dva měsíce. Tvůj blog si pamatuji ještě z Nevěděl jsem, že ses přestěhoval na blogspot. Sorry za opožděné schválení.

    Posláno 17 Úno 2017 v 8.21
  8. -rjh- napsal(a):

    [7] Ba ne, koukám, že jsem o něm věděl a dokonce na něj chodil.

    Posláno 17 Úno 2017 v 17.28
  9. mravenec napsal(a):

    [7] Blog jsem prestehoval, kdyz zrusili. Ale psat mi moc nejde – skutecne udalosti ze zivota na internet davat nechci, a vymyslet pribehy mi nikdy moc neslo. Libi se mi, jak umis i z male prihody udelat zajimavy prispevek. Mne prijde spousta prihod moc banalnich na to, abych o tom psal.

    Posláno 24 Úno 2017 v 23.23
  10. -rjh- napsal(a):

    [9] Taky už bloguju méně. Navíc k tomuhle vzledu blogu se hodí spíš krátké texty.

    Posláno 25 Úno 2017 v 22.22

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